Healthcare System in a Newly Developed Country

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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An “ideal” health care system is what every country strives for. We will focus on some key factors that need to be addressed in developing an “ideal” model of health care.
One of the key factors that need to be addressed is the access to health care. One of the monumental decisions that must be made in any health care system is how much health care will be provided. The number of beds in hospitals, and nursing centers must be evaluated. Diagnostic equipment needed and the number of staff including physicians and nurses must be determined in order to asses how much health care will be provided.

Health care professionals are a big key factor in access to care is the compensation levels for healthcare professionals. Compensation of nurses and doctors both in the amount and the manner of reimbursement, relative to other health care professions within the country, will determine the supply of these nurses and physicians, and will have an impact on the level and amount of access to health care.

The amount and type of medical technology, equipment and hospitals can be determined based on population and the age of the population. Also, the overall health of the population and the willingness to wait for the health care provided.

One of the biggest concerns of the overall healthcare system is the financing of the health care provided. The determining factor on how much health care is provided is solely based on the party financing health care and how much health care they decide to purchase.

Public health is when governments pay for health care. The government is entitled to establish payment rates upon this health care and some even set strict guidelines as to who is covered by this health care. Also, some have limitations such as age and economic levels.

Private health care is when individuals purchase health care on their own, although, some healthcare funding is provided by insurance companies. Some companies have purchased health care insurance for...
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