Healthcare System in Canada

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Health Care Canada has big problems. What are they?

Half of the immigrants choose Canada because of its healthcare system. Will they get what they expect? In this essay I am going to describe the most important problems: cutting off the budget for healthcare, irrational use of resources by hospitals and the abuse of the system.

The main problem is that the government is cutting off the funds for healthcare. Thus, doctors and nurses feel underpaid, and hospitals function with lower budget. Consequently, hospitals take beds out of service and limit the number of operations. As a result, lots of people are dying because of inability to survive long enough to receive the surgery they need. The friend of my teacher died of cancer because of long wait for medical examination. He had been waiting for more than six month. As for statistics, in South Saskatchewan Hospital in Regina 45 patients considered “urgent” candidates for open-heart surgery faced six-month waits. In Western Regional Medical Centre in Yannouth patients with chest pains who would normally be treated immediately have been turned away. Furthermore, some hospitals use humiliating methods to save money. For instance, elderly patients in some Montreal hospitals are kept in diapers because nurses do not have time to help them go to a bathroom. These actions astonish me because I couldn’t imagine that happening in a developed country.

While the government tries to keep down health care costs, the hospitals insist on buying expensive medical equipment. This leads us to the next health care problem, such as an irrational use of the budget by hospitals. For example, in Montreal there are 21 CAT scanners which serve a population of about 2 ¼ million people; in Oxford area, on the other hand, they have two scanners which serve two million people, and the quality of neurosurgical care is no worse. I think the hospitals need to learn how to budget carefully. Another example is in Ontario, where they...
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