Healthcare Quality Via

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Healthcare Quality via
Statistical Analysis

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Jiang lai

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This paper discusses and illustrates the evaluation of health care systems from the perspective of statistical quality management. Many health care organizations have use of statistical quality management and basic statistical process control has to become wider. Statistics Process control has been commonly used in many areas of Engineering Finance and Health care statistics. Although there many ways to analyzing and improving in Healthcare Quality. But SPC is the best one to identify the result .I using a excel model to showing the result for healthcare system.


I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who have made the completion of my final year project.

My Dean, Prof. Goh Thong Ngee for his vital encouragement, guidance and supports. *

2.2Statistical Process Control6
2.3Discrete Data and Continuous Data6
3Health Care Quality Measurement7
3.1Role of SPC7
3.2Control limit8
3.3Managing quality of health care9
3.3.1Factors influencing9 Performance10 output11
3.3.2Formulating strategy for quality improvement14
3.3.3Implementing quality of health care14
4Control Charts of SPC case study15
4.2X bar – R Chart and X bar – S Chart15
Case study16
4.3XMR Chart19
Case Study20
Case Study22
Case study24
Case study27
4.8Summary of Control Charts33
5Control Charts of modeling33
5.1User interface33
5.1.1One example for X-s chart generates.35
5.2Excel VBA code36
Project Schedule38

Figure 1 Control limit8
Figure 2 Quality of health care management9
Figure 3 Jain’s diagnostic model10
Figure 4 X-bar charts18
Figure 5 Sigma chart18
Figure 6 net operating margin(%)20
Figure 7 XMR chart of net operating margin21
Figure 8 P-chart of HMO22
Figure 9 np-charts for nosocomial infections25
Figure 10 U-chart for ICU.ED,two surgical units, and two medical units29
Figure 11 C-chart for ICU.ED,two surgical units, and two medical units29
Figure 12 Pareto chart showing the location of the Code Blues30
Figure 13 U-chart for the ICU data alone31
Figure 14 C-chart for the ICU31
Figure 15 Selection of Suitable Control Charts33
Table 1 Continuous data and discrete data7
Table 2 factors of environment11
Table 3 factors of input12
Table 4 internal and external information13
Table 5 processer and processing14
Table 6 CBC data table17
Table 7 Data of the NET operating margin(%)20
Table 8 Data of HMO from 1997 to 200022
Table 9 DATATABLE for 50 patients25
Table 10 ICU.ED,two surgical units, and two medical units28
Table 11 ICU data31


Today healthcare is more and more important in our true life. People pick up the healthcare that’s because many people have no longer to face food shortages, worm house etc. More and more people forcing on Life quality. They don’t want die in sudden case .just like infectious diseases. The statistics of WHO (world health organization) showing that there are over 900,000 people die in infectious diseases.(reference by WHO 2012)

Many analyzing tools have been developed, evaluated and applied in healthcare system . However there is no general overview on application methods in healthcare quality....
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