Healthcare Operations Roles and Goals

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Health Care Operations Management Roles and Goals
Understanding every concept within a health care facility allows management to ensure that the organization is operating efficiently, in which it ensures that all patients are receiving the adequate care that is needed. The need for operations management is essential in a health care facility as it provides structure within an organization. This paper will define operations management, and describe the roles and goals of health care operations managers. I will also discuss which role of operation management is most important and why. Operations management focuses on the effective management and resources and activities that produce or deliver the goods and services of any business (The University of Alabama Business, 2011). Operation manager’s responsibilities are to manage employees, materials, equipment, and information resources that a business need to produce and deliver its goods and services (The University of Alabama Business, 2011). According to Langabeer, “Healthcare operations management is a discipline that integrates scientific principles of management to determine the most efficient and optimal methods to support patient care delivery (Langabeer, 2008).” This is significant, as it allows for the facility to properly flow all operations in an essential manner in which it targets the facility as a whole, and ensures proper quality and care amongst the patients that are being treated.

It is important that all facilities in the health care industry generate growth. By increasing profit margins in an organization, it allows growth within the facility. The development in a facility can provide for newer and updated equipment, department expansions, clinical programs to expand, and updating buildings. These improvements can assist the facility in standing out, and outgrow their competitors. The role of a health care operations manager is to establish operational and logistical management...
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