Healthcare Information System Timeline

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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October 1960 - Some institutions of healthcare began work on applications for patient care within the systems of the computers. October 1964- Other healthcare institutions begin to recognize the value of computers. October 1965 - Hospital information systems began to include the diagnosis of patients, patient information, and the type of plans of care based on the orders of their physicians and nurses. October 1970 - Dr. Lawrence began to develop PRoblem Oriented Medical Information System, which is also known as PROMIS. It was the first time anyone has ever attempted to provide an integrated system to include all healthcare aspects and patient treatment (Joel Rodrigues, 2009). October 1977 - Patient project methodology has been in the works in order to computerize and developed patient care classification and to help localized community health nursing agencies develop a nurse staffing system. Due to technical limitations and lack of funding, the systems were prevented from being functional (Joel Rodrigues, 2009). October 1977 - Standardized patient assessment forms were attempted to be computerized, but failed due to the lack of computer technology. Mid to late 1980s - Home Health Care Classification was researched and developed and is still successful to this day. During this time "computer miniaturization and cost reduction combined with increases in processing power resulted in a dramatic move away from massive health data processing using mainframe or microcomputers to a new and more efficient forms of health management information systems, office automation and networking technologies" (Joel Rodrigues, 2009).

A few priorities of information systems today would be security and with security comes privacy. IT personnel are working hard every day in order to be sure that the security and privacy of patient information is kept safe. They will have to ensure their customers that there is a guarantee that the information will be kept secure and private from...
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