Healthcare in Brazil

Topics: Investment, Health care, Medicine Pages: 5 (1542 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Assessment of Healthcare/Hospital in Brazil

Brazil has seen its share of economic downturn in the past century. Brazil’s economy has gained strength since. In 90’s many economic reforms were put in place including tax reform, privatization, deregulation, strict fiscal policy, trade liberalization and a structural and legal framework was set up to attract foreign investment. Introduction of new currency the Real, in 1994 helped cut inflation. Market reforms turned Brazil to become an open economy and began growing again in 2009. Access to most sectors is generally favorable through imports, local production or joint ventures. Recently healthcare along with other services sectors have been growing at a fast rate and opportunities to expand exist. Brazil is an excellent market for U.S. manufacturers of health technology products and services. In the healthcare sector Foreign direct investment in Healthcare organizations are prohibited, however in services sector, the best market opportunities include the hospital management and consulting services, training for allied health-care personnel, hospital renovation and health maintenance organizations. The health industry in Brazil is the biggest in the South American continent and holds immense potential for further expansion. The Brazilian government has begun to reform the country’s entire integrated medical delivery system. The government is making constant efforts to restructure the health industry in Brazil by introducing application of state-of-the-art Information Technology systems. In order to achieve greater efficiency, the Brazilian government is making extended efforts to change the prevailing health care system in the country. To attract foreign investment in the country the Brazilian government has taken the initiative and measures to introduce reformatory plans to restructure the healthcare delivery system. The government of Brazil has decentralized the health care sector in every Brazilian state and given them the autonomy.

To reform healthcare system is a huge challenge for Brazilian government. Getting an agreement in a coalition government is a challenge in itself. Implementing hospital reform policies is difficult due to different forms of hospital ownership, governance, and payment mechanisms. Brazil has no shortage of approaches, ideas, innovations, and initiatives for addressing the shortcomings of underperforming facilities. The foundation for change to expand and increase performance, are present throughout Brazil’s hospital system.

Improvement of hospital system will take strong leadership, coordinated efforts of federal, state, and municipal governments, direct engagement with the private health sector. Clear vision, policies, and actions will lay the framework for a phenomenal Healthcare system. Such enabling factors have been generally weak or absent in the Brazilian health system. Initiatives promised during election have most often been scraped.

My hospital can create joint ventures with the government to provide such expertise to the existing hospitals until the reforms allow foreign investment and opening of a complete hospital for mother and baby care. The expertise I believe we have can mutually benefit both the organizations. We will get the benefit of early entry into the marking and working within the emerging market such as Brazil and understand the quirks of the government and market while creating a strategy to enter the market when it opens up. Till then we will establish the credibility in Brazil as well. The health industry in Brazil is the biggest in the South American continent and holds immense potential for further expansion. Brazil’s business environment is more mature than many Latin American countries. Many big companies around the world have presence in Brazil due to the highly skilled workforce, natural resources, economic stability and size. Brazil is one of the huge emerging markets, a part of the BRIC....
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