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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Econ 210
U.S. Healthcare System
The United States health care system is multifaceted because the system is characterized by a variety of aspects. The system involves monitoring the services for social agencies. This process again involves a wide range of services because it allows many social workers to coordinate their efforts. Many people argue that the multifaceted nature of health care system takes into account high expenditures or the high costs of providing health care facilities. Health care is financed in the U.S through various programs. Financing in the U.S is entirely different than other countries. This difference is due to the fact that the U.S does not have a national health insurance plan, such as in Canada. Government programs, self-insured plans, and insurance companies are some of the payers involved in financing process (Toema, 1). The U.S does not have a national insurance plan for its citizens like other countries, but it has various public programs for the benefit of the poor, disabled and elderly people.

There are basically two approaches to health care financing namely, market-based financing and government financing. The multiple payer health care system is financed regressively by privately owned health insurance companies and is therefore referred to as market-oriented. It is dependent upon the paying capacity of the beneficiary and accordingly the insurance plan is purchased by the beneficiary (Toema, 1). Various health plans cover various health care services but choice depends upon the purchasing power of the beneficiary to a greater extent. There are an assortment of advantages and disadvantages of the system. The first advantage is that there are no time lags and no cost constraints with new cutting-edge technologies (Kaiser, 6). Since this system relies on the financial capability of the beneficiary, various plans exist according to the need and paying capacity of the beneficiary. This essentially distributes the risks at...
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