Healthcare Administration

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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As a young professional in a competitive job market, I have taken the initiative to pursue a graduate level degree in healthcare administration. Upon completion of this program, along with my significant work experience in my specialized field, I plan on setting myself apart from the rest of the workforce. I will have the personality and the resume that stands out among any other of the applicants’. As I start to advance through the master’s program, I am preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. Time management is going to be one of the greatest hindering forces I will have to overcome while obtaining my master’s. I will have to learn how to successfully maintain and excel in the career I currently have, while allotting sufficient time to pursue my degree (Carter, Bishop & Lyman Kravits, 2011). I want my employer to be fully aware and supportive of my choice to further my education. This will allow me to reduce stress levels while I venture throughout my continuing education. I will also need to maintain a certain GPA to remain eligible for continued financial support from my employer. That means I need to attend all classes and have no absences from work. Financial issues may also arise upon returning to school. I will have to carefully budget my salary, while continuing to accrue savings and retirement funds already established. While balancing school and work, my family life may start to suffer. I will need to ensure my family that this stressful time will soon pass as the semesters dwindle down and graduation approaches. During breaks from school, I will dedicate as much time possible to my family. I will plan activities that will be fun for the family as a whole, but also individualized activities for each of them. I want to reassure them that although I am very busy outside of the home, I still love them all dearly and I still pay attention to the details of the family. By the end of this semester, I need to have reestablished proper studying...
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