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HCA 311 Health Care Financing & Information Systems
Instructor: Qiana Amos
Business Plan
September 25, 2012

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve access to health care in poor areas, Houston Medical Center is subsidizing the start-up and first year of operations of a new family medicine practice, Vernon Williams Medicine Clinic. The clinic will be owned and managed by Dr. Vernon D. Williams, MD as a sole proprietorship. This is a community clinic program not for profit boards and/or executive directors.  The Clinic's primary goal is to help that patient that can’t pay full price to go to the doctors. We also offer other services for clients which include an in depth review of their existing business plan or a feasibility study for a start-up business idea. I will be responsible for ensuring the general health of the patients and creating a viable and profitable business medical practice. Furthermore, throughout the first year, I (Dr. Williams) will work closely with advisers from Houston Medical Center to get the clinic on a sound financial and operational footing, using this medical clinic business plan as a guiding management tool. I, Dr. Williams will focus on diagnosing and treating conditions of all ages while emphasizing preventative medicine and the overall health and wellness of his patients. Vernon Williams Clinic will utilize new equipment and a trained staff that will be able to optimize the care of each patient. Nevertheless, understands that there are many factors that can affect health, including exercise, diet, environment and heredity. Vernon Williams Clinic will attempt to provide a wide-ranging of medical care possible in order to optimize the care and well-being of all there patient. Vernon Williams clinic will in addition carry out minor procedures in his office, but only after equally risks and benefits have been explained and written consent has been obtained from the patient. Dr. Williams will refer patients, when appropriate, to specialists and/or to hospitals for tests, further treatment and therapy.

I feel that too many time Americans need to be treated for health reason and don’t have the means to do so. With this clinic it will first help the community at bay, and restore the health moral to the community. The Vernon Williams Clinic will offer the following services to the community. There is no charge to see the nurse practitioners, physician or mental health specialist if you don’t have any insurance present. Some tests, medications and procedures require a minimal fee.

* Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for illnesses and injuries. Specialized medical services, minor surgeries, treatment, and referral. * Dermatology: We treat minor to moderate skin infections, acne, lacerations, mole removals, wart treatments. We can obtain cultures to check for infections. We can check for MRSA skin infections. Our lab costs are at a 75% savings. * Orthopedics: We treat strains and sprains and provide x-ray orders at an 80% savings. We will loan orthopedic equipment out for those we see, but there is a cleaning fee of $2.00. * Physical Examinations: DMV, pre-employment, Police & Fire Academies, and Allied Health and new athletes.  Cost is $10. * Prescriptions: Low cost pharmacy on site. WE@ the Vernon Williams Clinic----- DO NOT FILL OUTSIDE PRESCRIPTIONS. * Confidential HIV and other sexually transmitted infection testing, male & female reproductive health exams, pregnancy testing, and contraception. * Wellness services include: some immunizations; screening for TB, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia, breast and testicular cancer, diabetes, and other disorders. * Referrals for free STI testing at local Hospitals.

* Services also provided: habit control, weight control, smoking cessation, and more.

Vernon Williams Clinic philosophy is that optimal health and...
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