Health Tourism Proposal

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  • Published : March 25, 2011
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The little of this study deals with the ““HEALTH TOURISM IN INDIA” With Reference to Ayurway Foundation.


India effortlessly straddles the Ancient and contemporary context, striking as it were, a fine balance between tradition and modernity. No wonder then that tourism in India is not only about gazing in awe at historical monuments, relaxing on sunny sea side sands or holding your breath as you navigate trilling white water rapids.

It is also about immersing yourself in a country that draws one in like a magnet. For this is a land, pulsating and vibrant, with all its drama and chaos, its colours, its Indescribable aura that can best be summed up as incredible.

In today’s day and age, when wealth, force, control are the mantra, paradoxically, India with its soft power is the flavor of the season in fact, of all seasons. This quintessential phase ‘soft power’ Captures the three dimensional quotient of the country- the Intellectual, emotional and spiritual quotient.

India is a never changing and ever changing country, a land with passion and wisdom, where ancient monuments in red sand stone cheek by jowl with dazzling glass and chrome superstructure makes the landscape a study in contrast. Hard science and spiritual philosophy, classical art and pop music …all are embraced and with equal élan. And that is why there is something here to hold every traveler, whether discerning or jaded, first timer or repeat visitor.

Of course, the rich heritage of the country is the most enduring dimension which beckons the traveler. From the Taj Mahal, which transform from shimmering white during the day to a silvery radiance on a moonlit night, to the intricate carvings in Ellora and...
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