Health Tourism Curse

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The disadvantages of health tourism could be as under:-

1) It make health sector highly commercial and the common man in the country will be hard pressed for medical care; 2) All the resources of health sector will be thrown open for the international tourist so much so that even the so called middle class will be able to ill afford the medical care. 3) Patients from overseas, if they come in droves, may bring in new types of diseases and the risks of infection. 4) In the name of medical tourism, many people who want to enjoy themselves in this country, with the ostensible intention for treatment in this country, may turn the hospitals into merry making resorts and convert the hotels into hospitals. 5) The health workers like nurses etc will be compelled to pander to all the needs of the foreign visitors. There is a risk of the hospitals being converted into brothel houses. •

Medical tourists also face the risks of acquiring infectious diseases in countries like Thailand, India, Malaysia, Cuba or Costa Rica which are quite different than in North America and Europe. These patients who are still weak after their surgery have no natural immunity to foreign diseases and this may be one big hazard they have to face. •Going to a foreign country for medical treatment has its own risks as the country you go to may not regulate professional licensing and certification of the medical professionals. •The most common issue related to medical tourism is the quality of the medical institution itself. It can be difficult to check the qualifications of the doctors and other specialized staff at medical facilities which are privately-owned and operated. •Also, traveling long distances soon after surgery can increase the risk of complications. Long flights and decreased mobility in a cramped airline cabin are a known risk factor for developing blood clots in the legs such as venous or pulmonary embolus economy class syndrome.
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