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  • Published : December 25, 2010
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M.C Soleh: Welcome to……show. How are you today?? I hope you are fine. As we know, obesity has become our nightmare as statistic shows that recently, obesity has increased among us, either children, teenagers or adults!!! Obesity do not only caused harm by itself, but also invites invasion of other dangerous diseases in our body. So, today we have invited three special guests to discuss about this interesting topic. Please welcome our special guests!!! (audience clap) Welcome and please be seated…..

Without wasting our time, let me introduce our guests today. From my right, we have Dr Aiman bin Basrun from….. The next is, Miss Najwa as a health consultant from Keep Slim Management Company. And the last but not least, Miss Fazira, who is an obese months ago!! Before I continue this show, those who are at home can call us for any questions by dialing the number on the screen.

Okay then, I’m sure all of you must be really excited to hear the story from our gorgeous guest!!! Ok, we start with Miss Fazira, can you share your experience before this about how you transformed from an obese to a gorgeous woman like now??

Fazira : Thank you Mr. Soleh for inviting me to this famous talk show!!

Actually, before this, I lead a normal childhood days with ideal BMI. Everything has changed when I’m 15 years old. I was left by my boyfriend. This incident makes me so stressed!!! From that day on, I will eat everything that was served in front of my eyes except for wood and rock. Hahahaha…. Since then, I gained much weight until 120 kg!!! Can you imagine that??!! How can I survive with that way??? All my clothes have to change from S to triple XL!!! (Show her clothes before and after obesity) Eventually, I have difficulties in breathing and was diagnosed with atherosclerosis.

M.C Soleh : So, what caused you to loss weight??

Miss Fazira : Later on, my health...
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