Health Status in India

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Health Status in India

By | June 2012
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This study is about the sources of health improvement in Thailand during the greatest period of its advancement.For this various variables are used to analyze their impacts at multiple level viz;national,regional,provincial.Study of these leads to the result that health,education and living conditions have positive results on health while direct impact of income on health is not so clear as its effect differsfrom health indicators and regions. The results disclose that the local specific factor is another important source of health improvement and health status disparity and it also contradicts the findings derived from cross sectional data.So the results hereby conclude that health resources definitely play important role in improving health status of a population. INTRODUCTION:Health is regarded as an important factor of development because health is regarded as an important indicator of development and its functions as an essential source of social and economic development.Figures shows that infant mortality has become narrower.In some countries it has become parallel with those of high income countries.sub Saharan African countries is a exception where IMR is far lower than the global mean. As we know the traditional measures of health are mortality rate and life expectancy,which is derived from the age specific mortality rate and it can further be disaggregated according to age,sex and region e.g.infant mortality rate,maternal mortality rate,child mortality rate etc.Some indicators other than those representing death or living rates are Disability Adjusted life year,Quality Adjusted Life Year,they are not generally used in all countries due to the reason that it requires a detailed data. Thailand has shown a impressive improvement during past fifty years.Figures has shown that crude death rate,maternal mortality rate and child...

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