Health Science Exam Details

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Health Science Exam Details

By | May 2012
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Health Science

Govt. of Maharashtra has decided to conduct a single Combined Common Entrance Test for selection to all degree courses in Health Science, BVSc & AH, Engineering and Pharmacy courses. The Entrance Test will be held on Thursday 12th May 2011 at all the district headquarters in Maharashtra. The Competent Authority for the ‘MHT-CET-2011 Examination’ is Director of Medical Education and Research, Mumbai. However for the selection process there will be two separate Competent Authorities. For selection to Health Science courses, Director of Medical Education and Research, Mumbai will be the Competent Authority. For selection to Engineering and Pharmacy courses Director, Technical Education, Mumbai will be the Competent Authority. The application form for MHT-CET-2011 is common for all the above said courses. However, the information brochures for Health Science Courses, Engineering courses and Pharmacy course are separate. The results of MHT-CET 2011 will be made available at the website of Directorate of Medical Education and Research ( and of the Directorate of Technical Education (

Competent Authority MHT-CET 2011

Health Science

The Hon’ble Supreme Court (Bench of Hon. 7 judges) has delivered a judgment on 12/8/2005 in Civil Appeal No.5041/2005 in SLP (C) No.9932/2004 in respect of ‘rights and entitlement’ of Government as against Private Professional Educational Institutions (including Colleges conducting graduate and postgraduate Health Science courses). This judgment expects enactment of legislation by Central Government and in its absence, by State Government in this regard. This process has been initiated. However it is not certain, as of this date, as to when such legislation will come into force, as also its provisions. In the meanwhile, in terms of the observations of the Hon’ble Supreme Court from the aforesaid judgment, at least at this stage, it appears that...

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