Health Sanitation Practices

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Approved type of water facilities 
Level 1 (Point Source) 
* a protected well or a developed spring with an outlet but without a distribution system  * indicated for rural areas 
* serves 15-25 households; its outreach is not more than 250 m from the farthest user  * yields 40-140 L/ min 
Level II (Communal Faucet or Stand Posts) 
* With a source, reservoir, piped distribution network and communal faucets  * Located at not more than 25 m from the farthest house  * Delivers 40-80 L of water per capital per day to an average of 100 households  * Fit for rural areas where houses are densely clustered  Level III (Individual House Connections or Waterworks System)  * With a source, reservoir, piped distributor network and household taps  * Fit for densely populated urban communities 

* Requires minimum treatment or disinfection 
Proper Excreta and Sewage Disposal Program 
EHS sets policies on approved types of toilet facilities: 

Level I 

* Non-water carriage toilet facility – no water necessary to wash the waste into receiving space e.g. pit latrines, reed odorless earth closet.  * Toilet facilities requiring small amount of water to wash the waste into the receiving space e.g. pour flush toilet & aqua privies  Level II 

* On site toilet facilities of the water carriage type with water-sealed and flush type with septic vault/tank disposal.  Level III 

* Water carriage types of toilet facilities connected to septic tanks and/or to sewerage system to treatment plant. 

Objective: The objective of this study is to determine sanitation practices and preferences in sitio ganha-an.By examining differences between current practices and preferences, the study assesses if the communities are satisfied with their current sanitation options and if there is a demand for increased sanitation coverage and better facilities.

Water Supply. The major problem for poor people in most countries is access to safe...
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