Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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In a nursery, if the floors are slippery people could fall over and badly hurt themselves. Small children, elderly and visually impaired people are more likely to be at risk then middle aged adults, teenagers and young adults. Small children are more at risk because they are very young and don’t have very much danger awareness, elderly are more at risk because their reactions are slower and visually impaired people are more at risk because if something has been spilt on the floor and there is a puddle they will not see that its there too avoid it. In a nursery, the tables and chairs have to be suitable for the children using then which means they have to be a certain height so the young children don’t bang their heads on the corners and if they’re sitting on the chairs, if they fall it wont be that much of a high drop. Children are more at risk than adults because they are very small and if they do fall they wont badly hurt themselves. In a nursery, if there are any cleaning products like bleach for example where a small child could reach it, it could be very dangerous because they could get hold of it and open it and they could even end up swallowing some of the substance. This could badly damage their insides and their throat. Young children are more at risk because they don’t know what it is and they have a tendency to put everything they get in their mouths. In a nursery if a child has an infection like chicken pox for an example then it can spread to the other children very easily. It could also be spread on to staff but young children are more at risk because while they’re so young they can pick up infections a lot easier because there immune system is lower then adults and teenagers. In a nursery, when staff change the babies and children’s nappies, if the don’t change their gloves and wash their hands for each child then if any one of them have any type of infection or illness then it...
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