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Assignment 703 on
Health and safety in catering and hospitality
Task A
Regulations and responsibility
Health and Safety Regulations aim to improve safety in workplaces, making employers and employees equally responsible for ensuring that they protect themselves and others from accident and injury. The regulations refer to such things as clean kitchens, safety guards on machinery etc., If an employee is injured at work because of breaches of these rules then compensation can be awarded. Most health and safety legislation places place the responsibility of health and safety on the employers. The responsibilities may however be delegated to other competent persons such as fire warders, first aiders and care takers but the employer still legally remains liable. If a safety or health offence takes place in the presence of a manager or supervisor , they may be prosecuted. More over, Everyone is responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Management is responsible for providing workers with the necessary tools, training and protective equipment to perform the work safely, and with the time and direction to do so. The worker is responsible for following the safety rules and using the appropriate controls and protective equipment to work safely. There are regulatory board that enforces health and safety in the workplace.  Powers of enforcement officers

In UK, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the authorised body that certify whether health and safety measures have been followed in a work place. The aim of the enforcement authority is to take strong enforcement action in order to assures sustainable, long-term reduction in occupational injury and ill health .The enforcement officers, deal immediately with serious risks, promote and achieve sustained compliance with the law, and ensure that duty holders includes, employers and employees who breach health and safety requirements may be held to account where appropriate. This includes corrective action such as prosecution. When a work place incident is happened, HSE warranted inspectors inspects the sight and assesses the relevant documents held with the duty holder, interview the people and observes, the condition of the site, practices and standard of the work environment under the control of duty holder. Secondly, HSE conducts an investigation by gather and establish facts and identifies the causes of the incident and the lessons to be learned in order to prevent the incident not to happen again. Consequences of improper health and safety Practices

If an employer fails to all practicable steps to ensue employer, employee and others safety, then the employer commit a punishable criminal act. When enforcement officers detects if there are bad practices or breaches of legislation, takes appropriate action including formal enforcement, such as serving notices on duty holders, withdrawing approvals, varying licences, conditions or exemptions, issuing simple cautions, prosecution and providing information or advice, face-to-face or in writing.

Sources of information regarding Health and safety
The following methods can be helpful to protect the health and safety of employees and employers of work places; Leaflets and publications (distributed by HSE and NHS)
campaigns (HSE campaigns on health and safety)
safety alerts
statistics (current and past )
case studies
useful links such as

The benefits of good health and safety business practices are far more ranging than just having a safe place of work. Implementing and maintaining good health and safety practices is to provide a safe environment for the employer, your employees and visitors to be in and this should always be the first priority when putting procedures in place. Few of the benefits are as follows; * Higher productivity. 

* Better working relationships between management, workers and clients. 

* Less time away from work due to stress, sickness and...
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