Health Relationship Scenario Cards

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Sex: Female
Background: Tanzanian
Mary’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 In my culture, my male friends are not allowed to speak to me while my brother and father are around.
 Dating is not common practice where I come from. If I wanted to start a serious relationship my parents would have to give permission.
 I usually meet people through my family at social gatherings.

Sex: Female or male
Background: Australian born from an Italian family
Alex’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 I greet all my friends with a kiss on each cheek.
 With previous partners I have been able to hang out with them at school and at friends parties but it takes a few weeks for me to introduce them to my parents.

Sex: Male
Background: Australian born, lives near the beach
Brett’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 I live with my mum and two brothers.
 My mum always talks to me about meeting a nice girl one day and getting married. My mum is a practicing Christian but I
don’t believe in religion.
 My brothers are always bringing girls home but they have never really had a steady relationship.
 When I meet someone I’m usually really shy, and I just say hello. I think if someone is interested in me they will make conversation.
 My brothers always hassle me for not having a girlfriend but they just don’t understand.

Sex: Female or male
Background: Born in Fiji
Nic’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 My family are very religious, we are all devout Hindus.
 We go to church every Sunday and I sing in the choir.
 I am very close to my family. I am the oldest of 4 brothers and 3 sisters. My grandparents also live with us and I take care of them a lot of the time.
 My parents let me go out with friends sometimes, but most of the time I am busy with family celebrations, gatherings or
other commitments.
 I am a pretty quiet person so when I meet someone new I
don’t say much. Having a relationship is something I would like but my family has to come first.

Sex: Female
Background: Australian born with Indian parents
Sienah’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 My parents are Sikh’s, but I don’t really follow the religion myself.
 My parents believe in arranged marriages and expect to
choose the person that I will one day marry. This causes
problems for me because the boys I meet can’t understand
why my parents would do that.
 My parents don’t mind if I have boyfriends as long as they are, as they say ‘from a good family’.
 I have had boyfriends at school before but I don’t tell my parents because I know they want me to be with someone who
has similar beliefs to them.

Sex: Male
Background: Australian born, lives in the city
Brendan ’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 I have lots of friends from different backgrounds and they all call me ’20 questions’ because I ask people too much,
nothing too personal, but I just like to find out more about people and where they come from.
 My mum’s both don’t have a problem with me having a
girlfriend; they just want me to find someone who makes me
 If I start a relationship with a girl, I like to be friends with her first.
 I don’t believe in sex before marriage.

Sex: Male
Background: Maori, born in New Zealand
Tony’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 I greet my family and relatives with a hongi (nose to nose) but my friends and I have a special handshake.
 I have a lot of tattoos that are significant to my culture and I think this scares girls off.
 A lot of the girls I meet are usually older than me because most of the girls my age don’t approach me. I get the feeling they are intimidated by my size.
 If I like someone I will take them home to meet my parents before I get into a serious relationship.

Sex: Male
Background: Australian born, lives in a rural town
Darhan’s cultural and/or religious beliefs:
 I am a practicing Christian and hope to be a...
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