Health Reflection

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Throughout this week, I learned a lot about my diet including how much I eat, what I eat, and how much physical activity I am getting. Overall,, I think that my reports show a good estimate of the way I have been eating and exercising in the past year because recently I have been more aware of my eating habits and I tried to improve them which I can clearly see in my reports. I now eat a lot more fruits and more vegetables, but still not enough to meet some daily requirements. Throughout the week, it seemed as if I was eating healthy and eating all the healthy foods I need, but now looking at my reports, I am actually under in a lot of calories. I am also supposed to be consuming 2400 calories a day, and almost everyday I have 400 or more empty calories. According to my charts, I am over in the grains category and that is most likely due to the fact that a lot of what I eat everday consists of grains. I also noticed that I am doing better in the fruits category than in the vegetables and thats probably because generally fruits tend to be tastier. I think that my weekend and weekday diets don't differ that much, so I don't think weekends affect my overall diet. Even though it's hard, I try not to snack too much over the weekends, and when I do want something to snack on, I try my hardest to pick the healthier option. In general, I think i have a lot to change in my diet because after looking over my charts, I am missing a bunch of nutrients that my body needs. Even though it may seem like I am eating healthy, I still need to start receiving more of the nutrients that are either "under" or "OK". I know the physical activity shouldn't be a problem, because I swim all year round, and I am currently in Water Polo season. Sometimes during my free time I even enjoy going on a quick job. But to change my diet problems, I will try my hardest to consume more vegetables and dairy products. I may even continu to use this website because it is a good way to see how your diet...
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