Health Records

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Kimberly Cook
Unit 5 IP
Professor Robert Rodriquez

There are many meanings when it comes to patient health records. The record is used to document patient care, any financial and legal information, and research purposes. This information is used amongst several professionals who are part of the healthcare team and there are problems with the paper health record, it is becoming more apparent that developing an automated health record is very significant. The electronic health record provides the opportunity for hospitals and doctor’s offices to have quality of care and patient safety. The challenge in the world of integrated healthcare is to give detailed, reliable, relevant, accessible, and timely patient information to every staff member of the healthcare team, whether it is primary or secondary care and also whether a doctor, nurse, allied health professional, or patient. EMR is an electronic information system over the internet that is for both doctors and patients. Doctors are able to update information, look up, or submit prescriptions into this system and the patient, as well as any other physicians this patient may have, can access from anywhere in the world. Advantage of EMR is being able to access all of your medical information at the same time is great. The medical field is becoming more dedicated. The days have changed where you could go to the same doctor for everything. There are some patients who see multiple doctors at the same time for different problems. When you have an EMR system, it enables each doctor to see the diagnosis and treatment plan of all of the physicians. This actually helps to prevent over medication or treatments that conflict with each other. Also, the doctor does not have to rely on the patient to give the information (Michael, 2013) When diagnosing conditions, it can be hard without the information. By having the health doctors see all of the...
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