Health Promotion Program

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  • Published : July 12, 2010
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Health Promotion Program
Julie Marsh
Axia College of University of Phoenix

As Americans, we find ourselves doing things that occupy our time more and more each year that do not necessarily benefit our physical or psychosocial well being. Some of the activities that take up the majority our time are working, doing errands or shopping, and running our children all over town. When all of these things are said and done, we are left stressed out and exhausted; usually to the point that we don’t feel like preparing a healthy meal for our families and we stop by the local drive through because it is quick and easy. According to Axia College (2010), the practice of well behavior is any type of activity that individuals perform in order to promote or maintain their current health and to prevent becoming sick. Some of the activities that fall under the well behavior category are eating right, getting regular medical and dental check ups, and getting plenty of exercise.

The human resources department of this company would like to introduce a plan to its employees that promotes and encourages well behavior. The goals of this plan are as follows:

• Participants will engage in a regular exercise program through the company • Participants will learn ways of eating more healthy • Participants will learn how to reach a healthy BMI and how to maintain it • Participants will find ways of overcoming obstacles that may be keeping them from practicing well behavior (alcohol, cigarettes, etc) This program will be open to any individual that is employed by this company that wishes to participate and that is healthy enough to do so. There will be an opportunity for individuals that are interested in participating to meet with nurses that will be on staff in the cafeteria downstairs for pre-screening and sign ups throughout the week beginning on Tuesday, July 5th. The program will last for 16 weeks and may continue to be provided...
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