Health Promotion

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  • Published : September 8, 2013
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Health Promotion: A comparison between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels Brandy Floyd
Grand Canyon University: Family-centered Health Promotion NRS-429V September 9, 2013

Health Promotion: A comparison between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels
Health Promotion and prevention can be used interchangeably in that as a society we need to start promoting healthier lifestyles now in order to prevent disease and poor health later in life. This interchange of terms is seen in the definition of prevention in the publication, The Language of Prevention, “A description of the concept of ‘prevention’ is provided as the term used to refer to the efforts of society to promote, protect, and sustain the health of the population,” (2006, p. 2). The purpose of health promotion in the field of nursing is leaning more and more to reducing the recurrence of disability and disease therefore reducing readmissions of patients. Teaching plays a large role in this. With such a ride range of decreased education in the country and with so many cultures and languages there are many barriers when it comes to teaching patients about their illnesses and ways in which they can care for themselves to prevent further illness and hospital admission.

Nursing roles and responsibilities have greatly evolved from taking care of the patient acutely to constant education in order to prepare the patient to care for themselves to prevent readmission due to further illness. Every time a nurse walks into a patient’s room they must use that time as a way to educate the patient. “There are ample opportunities for health systems to advocate, enable and mediate for health, to change policies, legislation and practices to create and ensure more equitable health-promoting environments,” (Ziglio, Simpson, & Agis, 2011, p. 219). Nurses and other healthcare providers are now being looked at as models of health promotion due to our advanced knowledge of health and our access to resources to...
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