Health Promotion

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Health Promotion
Lisa Greenspon
Grand Canyon University
Family Centered Health Promotion
Sandi Coufal RN, MSN
May 26, 2013

Health Promotion

Health Promotion is defined as (Mandle, 2010, p. 16) “the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health.” Kreuter and Devore (1980) propose a more complex definition in a paper commissioned by the U.S. Public Health Service. They s(Serxner, )tate that health promotion is “the process of advocating health in order to enhance the probability that personal (individual, family, and community), private (professional and business), and public (federal, state, and local government) support of positive health practices will become a societal norm” (Kreuter & Devore, 1980, p. 26). (Chiverton, Votava, & Tortoretti, 2003)

Health promotion has never been more important as it is today. Nurses today in practice, education, management or research areas can contribute to the future of health promotion in healthcare. Nurses have an enormous teaching role in the profession today, and understand that they have a huge impact through promotion healthy interventions and help to keep the public healthy. As the public gains a better understanding of what is needed to keep them healthy, the overall health of people will improve. (Maurer & Smith, 2009, 2005, 2000, 1995 , p. 483-487)

Through the evolving nursing process, nurses assist clients through education to become more proactive and involved in choices that will promote and maintain their health and prevent onset of diseases. Nurses are advocates in healthcare and assist patients to understand and evaluate their health and their current state of wellness through education and resources. We provide options and assist clients to establish short and long term goals and lifestyle changes. We offer the tools to clients and educate them on how to use those tools.

Nursing roles are becoming more and...
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