Health Occupations: Pharmacy Technician

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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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HongPhuong Le
Introduction to Healthcare 116
January 6, 2011

Health Occupations Research Assignment

Pharmacy technician is someone who is supposed to be having a working knowledge of medicine and multiple tasks. They assist pharmacists, fill prescriptions, and perform various customer service assignments. Another common assignment includes fielding patient questions regarding information on drugs, health concerns, and prescriptions. They then must calculate, measure, weigh, mix, and pour the patient’s medication. They also responsible of keeping up with patient’s profiles, preparing patient’s insurance documents, data entry, putting items on the shelves, handling the cash register, and answering telephone calls.

I am particularly attracted by this occupation due to its dynamism, flexibility and opportunity to deal with the patients, who have different types of health problems. I think that I have good social skills and personal qualities for doing this job well because I always liked working and communicating with people, supporting them, looking for ways to give them positive emotions and stimulate their will for recovery. I suppose, it is incomparable pleasure to feel people’s trust, appreciation and gratitude for the work you are doing. I understand all the responsibilities and possible difficulties I can face, but I am ready to be always on feet and work long hours, nights and weekends, because people may need medicines at any time. If anyone wants to become pharmacy technician, they have to complete 2 years of colleges training. All students are required to pass a test in order to become certified. The test is called the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

Once the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam is passed then a person is a certified pharmacy technician (1). ACCP supports an expanded role for colleges and schools of pharmacy in the development, standardization, and validation of pharmacy technician...
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