Health Needs

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Health Needs Assessment of Local Community

In this essay I will concentrate on the profile of chosen area in order to determine its health needs. The profile will focus on the key areas of health and social care, and housing in relation to health and wellbeing of people over 65years of age leaving with long term conditions in the area. I will also look at the role of the health professionals and other agencies providing and promoting health and social care. My chosen area is the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (Figure 1). The Borough covers 76 square miles. Its main towns are Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot which are surrounded by 14 villages linked by the River Thames. The large number of rural areas, including National Trust Land and lands owned by the Crown makes this place nice to live in. There is also a network of footpaths and byways leading to countryside and river which are widely used. There are four major motorways, four main railway stations and two airports close by (RBWM, 2009), it all makes the communication easier and quicker. Figure 1 – Windsor and Maidenhead Unitary Authority (Office of National Statistics, 2001) Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, RBWM, attracts millions of tourists every year (RBWM, 2009). The main attractions are Windsor Castle and Legoland Windsor. In addition to those attractions there is wide choice of leisure and sports facilities, range of events and lots of shopping, dining and places to stay in, which attracts visitors (RBWM, 2009). According to Walker and Hennessy (2004) older people enjoy attractive views, moreover being able to get to local services such as shops, library, post office etc. it makes people’s life easier and active what contribute to their health and wellbeing. Windsor and Maidenhead has all that attributes. The population of Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead counts for approximately 133,626 people (ONS, 2001). It is mainly the white population – 123,515 people. There is higher proportion of people in age over 55 compared to the rest of East Berkshire (see Figure 2) which mean that population is ageing. Office of National Statistics predicts that population in Royal Borough will change. This shows further population ageing, particularly in the 50-59 and 65+ age ranges (Berkshire East PCT, 2008). Berkshire East Primary Care Trust’s Health Report (2008) says that there may be an underestimating in each area because ONS do not take account of migration from the new European Union accession countries. Although according to that report, with high number of people aged over 55 risk of long term conditions and social care needs are greater (BE PCT, 2008).

Figure 2 Age Structures of East Berkshire’s Unitary Authority compared with England, Office of National Statistics, 2007 Long term conditions are caused by damage to the brain, spinal cord and other parts of the nervous system and include asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease and epilepsy (DH, 2005). Department of Health (2005) estimated that figure of people suffering from long-term conditions in England will increase by over a million every decade just from the ageing of the population. | | Windsor and Maidenhead | England|

All people (persons)| Count| 133,626| 49,138,831|
People with limiting long-term illness (persons)| Count| 16,803| 8,809,194| | %| 12.6| 17.9|
General Health: Good (persons)| Count| 100,688| 33,787,361| | %| 77.4| 68.8|
General Health: Fairly good (persons)| Count| 25,219| 10,915,594| | %| 18.9| 22.2|
General Health: Not good (persons)| Count| 7,719| 4,435,876| | %| 5.8| 9.0|
Figure 3 Windsor and Maidenhead - Health, Office of National Statistics, 2001 Therefore I have chosen to write about 65+ years old client group living with long term conditions because it is an issue in Royal Borough. Office of National Statistics 2001 census figures shows that total of 12.6% of its population suffer from long term illness...
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