Health Issues: Men and Women

Topics: Chest pain, Myocardial infarction, White people Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Betty Smith-Richardson
February 12, 2013

Professor Werner
CM 220
Kaplan University

Health Issues: Men and Women
Dot continuously told her daughter that for some reason, she was suddenly feeling tired all of the time and was not sleeping at night, and when she did sleep, she would not sleep well, so she was obviously still feeling tired the following day. Dot also said that she continuously had heartburn but did not eat foods that cause heartburn, and on several occasions, she used her grandson’s inhaler just to be able to catch her breath. Jess, Dot’s daughter, had no clue why her mother was feeling this way and suggested her mother see a doctor immediately. When Dot went to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed her with “anxiety” and sent her on her way; so of course, Dot did not think anything else about it. Several days later, Jess could not get in touch with Dot, so she called her brother to go to check on Dot just for him to find her lying on the floor. The coroner diagnosed Dot’s death to be a massive heart attack, and Dot was only fifty-five years old. Men and women too often hear of health issues and think that it is not for them but the other sex. When heart attacks are mentioned, women too often think of that as a man’s problem. Depression, on the other hand, when brought up, men think of that as being only for women. Truth is both of these health issues affect both men and women every day. The main difference would be the symptoms each sex has.

More women die from heart attacks than any cancer alone simply because they are not aware of what to look for, and because sometimes, they are being misdiagnosed, (Bender, 2008). Women are taught to look for chest pains and numbness, when in fact, they should be looking for extreme fatigue, restless nights, unexplained heartburn, and trouble breathing, (Szabo, 2012). These symptoms are often overlooked as everyday symptoms. Even when the urge...
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