Health Issues

Topics: Nutrition, Cooking, Eating Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: February 17, 2013
People in the world are faced with many health problems because they are not feeding themselves right, not being provided the nutrition they need for their body to strive. Though the body itself is amazing for learning to adapt to certain outcomes any human may face, but one can only go for so long until it has a threatening effect on the body. Turning on the television the media displays impoverished areas Income and location makes a big difference on ones options they have to turn to when trying to flourish. It can be easily seen that kids in these poor regions are suffering from malnutrition. Whereas to here in America Obesity is on the rise, getting worse with every decade pass. But learning from Mrs. Obama in article three that not only a good nutritious diet is important but staying active is just as needed, going over her “Let’s Move” campaign, which promotes healthy eating and good exercise. Mrs. Obama making it a priority to start enforcing good healthy diets at a young age, and she is right for practice makes perfect. Getting a kid to eat vegetables is hard enough, using one of her daughters as an example; not wanting to eat tomatoes. But once Sasha created her own concoction, she finds herself enjoying the red veggies this being one of the things parents should start involving their kids with, cooking. Not only are they learning to cook at the least but in a healthy manner and having fun at the same time too. Making healthy home cooked meals can also be seen as cheaper in cost for getting more of a bargain from the buck and extra food can be eaten as leftovers too adding to the savings and just maybe those can help other children who cannot afford the food they need, making a healthier world. Work cited:

SALVATORE, DIANE. "On The Move With Michelle Obama." Prevention 64.3 (2012): 68-77. Health Source - Consumer Edition. Web. 12 Mar. 2012.
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