Health Insurance

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  • Published : August 17, 2008
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Health insurance protects you from the high cost of medical care by providing coverage for specific health care services. Although you generally pay a monthly premium and either co-payments or co-insurance, the cost for insurance is far less than medical care would be if paid fully out-of-pocket. I do not think there should be limits on the amount of health care provided. The easiest way for everyone to have equal access to health care is to have it financed by the government. Like in Canada where each province finances it's own health care system with some transfers from the federal government. This covers all basic services (seeing a doctor, tests, hospitals, etc) and secondary insurance to cover prescriptions, private or semi-private hospital stays, eye care, dental, chiropractic and massage can be purchased through the province or is usually provided by employers if you're a full time employee. Public health care has been working in Canada for almost 50 years. We need an excellent plan that is actually comprehensive, resolves abuses of the taxpayer, and allows for the legit care anyone needs: quality, accessible, affordable health care for all. That means preventative care (physicals with follow up). Real medication (no Medicare "donut holes" the really ill are ripped off again.) No bogus ridiculously low "caps" on needed medical procedures. No abuse of the ER. No more bankruptcies over medical bills. I want a plan that ends abuse of the taxpayer, takes the burden off employers, provides price transparency, and ends the rip-off of the US taxpayer at the hands of greedy insurance CEO's. Prescription prices can be lowered by the use of bulk buying, and those savings can and should be passed on to the policyholders of the plan.
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