Health Information System

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The United States health care system is at risk due to increasing demand, spiraling costs, inconsistent and poor quality of care, and inefficient, poorly coordinated care systems. Hospital Information systems is essential in running a successful healthcare facility in today’s society. Information systems will improve and speed up the various business processes in the healthcare industry. Healthcare is a very important aspect of our society and it is imperative for healthcare providers to do their jobs in an efficient and effective manner. Each day thousands of patients enter healthcare facilities expecting the administration to run smoothly. The employees have to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information that grows with the practice. Previously, this data was organized manually, which was time consuming and failed to deliver the desired level of efficiency. These systems have been around since they were first introduced in the 1960s and have evolved with time and the modernization of healthcare facilities. A number of large health care organizations have integrated HIS of these major gains……. .Most professionally run hospitals and clinics now rely on hospital information systems (HIS) that help them manage all of their medical and administrative information. Modern HIS includes many applications addressing the needs of various departments in a hospital. They manage the data related to the clinic, finance department, laboratory, nursing, pharmacy and also the radiology and pathology departments. A good HIS not only delivers benefits but enhances information integrity, reduces transcription errors , reduces duplication of information entries , and optimizes report turnaround times The systems to be considered first are EMR and CDSS. Quality Care Hospital and Outpatient Clinic is a community health care service provider aiding……..QCH is a 1,000-bed care hospital that has been serving the residents of Pittsburgh and the tri-state area since the late 1800’s. Quality Care offers primary and out- patient medical care, physician and nursing education, and a broad range of specialties that include but not limited to (cardiology, oncology, orthopedic, geriatrics, gynecology, vascular medicine, endocrinology, and more). Quality Care’s medical staff includes nearly 2,000 primary care physicians and specialists, many of whom have offices at the hospital, outpatient clinic, and throughout the community. The mission of Quality Care hospital is to provide quality healthcare services and facilities for the community, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering, and to restore health as swiftly, safely, and compassionately as possible, consistent with the best service we can give at the highest value for all concerned. Create a supportive team environment for patients, employees, and clinical staff. Stay committed to operating in an environment of continuous quality improvement. As a community health care services provider, we remain attentive to the health and well-being of those we serve through education, outreach, and other innovative services. Quality Care maintains high standards by: recruiting and retaining excellent staff, physicians, dentists and volunteers, providing leadership through practice, education and research and offering technological advances and modern facilities. We will provide current therapies and state of the art technologies in providing comprehensive and preventative health care.

Objectives of the information system
The specific objectives of the HIS and the means
to achieve this are:
• to digitally record all standard transactions in the hospital by means of customised software • to digitally produce all reports according to the standard specifications, including the government health registration by means of the same software • to have satisfactory operation of the HMIS within the health facilities by ensuring the required hardware is in place • trained and...
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