Health Information Exchange

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August 14, 2012
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Table of Contents

History of HIE
What is HIE?
What is Illinois HIE program?
The Challenge
Why do we need HIE?
Benefits of HIE
How does HIE work?
Who set the standards for national health information program? •What are the benefits to the patients, providers, insurance carriers, etc? Privacy and Security
How is patient data secured when exchanged through HIE?



A Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is technology that enables the electronic movement of health-related information among health care providers and others. HIEs are an increasingly popular way for hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and emergency room physicians to share patient information. Some HIEs just share information within one hospital network, some share information across many hospitals or physicians in a region, and some HIEs share information across the state. If your health information is being shared through an HIE, your lab test results, medications, medical history, or other clinical information related to your health care may be included in the sharing. HIEs come in many varieties, some may only share lab results, and some may share just emergency room records. It's important for you to know when your records are being shared, where and what controls you have over that. History of Health Information Exchange

Health information exchange system is responsible for mobilizing the healthcare information electronically throughout the associated organizations that are bordered by community, hospital system, and region. Health information exchange can endow us the ability to transfer clinical information electronically in between the network of health care information systems and at the same time maintaining and securing the true meaning of the information being exchanged. It is the job of health information exchange system to provide the access to and retrieval of the medical data in order to facilitate effective, patient-centered, timely, safe, secured and equitable health care. The health information exchange system is also fruitful in terms of providing assistance to the Public Health authorities in the analyses of the countrywide population health. What is Health Information Exchange?

Health information exchange (HIE) refers to the process of reliable and interoperable electronic health-related information sharing conducted in a manner that protects the confidentiality, privacy, and security of the information. Essential to this process is the capability to employ nationally recognized standards as they are established incrementally, further enabling interoperability, security and confidentiality of the information as well as authorization of those who access the information. Networks that are self-contained, such as those linking a hospital to affiliated practices, to other hospitals in an organization or to labs, can exist without having to employ nationally recognized standards. In the case of networks that make the exchange of information possible solely through proprietary means, the process is not considered HIE under the definition below. HIE at minimum must be technologically ready to conform to nationally recognized standards as they are available. Illinois Health Information Exchange Programs

Development of the Illinois HIE is funded through a federal grant program established to allow states to assist health care providers and hospitals with the exchange of electronic health records (EHRs). Illinois received $18.8 million over four years to develop this capacity. Among these programs are: The Illinois Health Information Exchange Direct (ILHIE Direct) Secure Messaging Solution is a secure e-mail program for physicians across the state. Secure messaging protects sensitive health data sent between providers in compliance with industry regulations...
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