Health Informatics

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In this case we see that Ruth had to visit various health care centres which had different systems to deal with the patients. As a result she had to face trouble managing her appointments. Implementation of technology in health care facilities would make treatment journey easier to the patients. (Rose, D 2014). If Information and communication technologies (ICT) were used, it would have made Ruth’s treatment convenient. Main issues affecting patient health care Journey

Ruth did not want her boss to know about her pregnancy, but she ended up with an appointment with the physician in working hours. As a result she had to manage time from her busy schedule. The primary healthcare physician just did the urine test and confirmed her pregnancy which was similar to the test she already did at home. There was no proper communication from the physician’s side about what diagnostic tests Ruth needs to go through in the following days and has just referred her to the birth centre. At the birth centre she was given a questionnaire about family reproductive history about what she wasn’t sure. If this questionnaire was sent to her via email, she would have got an opportunity to refer her family and produce accurate information. It would also help to cut down the time spent at the birth centre. The receptionist at the birth centre placed the referral letter in to one of her archives which would have been difficult if she needed to retrieve it for future purposes. Ruth was suggested to undergo a genetic test for cystic fibrosis, for which she had to give blood samples at nearby hospital. For this purpose a new referral form was made and she had to again register herself at the new hospital which took time again. Also, the phlebotomist was not available on Saturday to draw blood or the test. If this information was provided to her she would not have wasted her time and made her appointment on the right day. Because of all the inconvenience Ruth faced, she decided to forgo the...
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