Health Informatics

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Department of Healthcare Informatics and Information Management GRADUATE PROGRAM



Prepared by:
Shirley Eichenwald Maki, MBA, RHIA, CPHIMS
Assistant Professor, Healthcare Informatics and Information Management
Updated August 2006


Section One:The Project Proposal
Note: This content is especially associated with the work you will be doing in HIM 6520.

Chapter One:Selecting a Topic

Chapter Two:Developing the Problem Statement

Chapter Three:Reviewing the Literature

Chapter Four:Describing the Project Product

Section Two:The Final Applied Project
Note: This content is especially associated with the work you will be doing in HIM 6522

Chapter Five:Developing the Work Plan and Selecting the Second Reader

Chapter Six:Developing the Project Product

Chapter Seven:Preparing the Final Applied Project Report

Section Three:Contributing to the HIM Field
Note: This content is especially associated with the work you will be doing for/in HIM 6523 and perhaps after graduation if/when you decide to publish articles from your Final Applied Project effort in professional literature.

Chapter Eight:Making the Final Applied Project Presentation

Chapter Nine:Publishing a Final Applied Project


A.Schedule of Activities for the Final Applied Project

B.Page Formatting, Paper Specifications and Writing Style Expectations

C.Guidelines for Second Readers and FAP Work Plan

D. Guidelines for Contributors to the Journal of the American Health Information Management Association


Philosophy: Health information management professionals practice in organizations that are engaged in change efforts designed to enhance service lines, improve system functionality, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. Health information management professionals hold positions in which they are responsible for affecting change. To be successful, these change efforts require well-conceived, fact-based designs/solutions. Focused fact-finding and systematic analysis of findings may at times appear to only be an academic exercise; but they actually are the key factors in providing assurance that proposed solutions to problems are based on sound thinking and theory rather than a single person’s intuition or unsubstantiated opinion.

To be prepared to function successfully in this environment, HIM professionals must be able to: clearly state the problem facing the organization
locate or develop appropriate sources for gathering facts, concepts and/or theories which foster a deeper or broader understanding of the problem and potential solutions conceptualize a design or solution model for the problem

create a program, process, or system to effectively resolve the problem effectively present the findings, any relevant design or solution model(s), and the product(s) of the project to others

Therefore, a key component of the graduate education experience in the Master of Arts in Health Information Management Program is the Final Applied Project. The Final Applied Project will provide the graduate student an opportunity to develop and apply these competencies in a practice setting and, in doing so, also make a meaningful contribution to professional practice.

Goal: The goal of the Final Applied Project is to increase students' cognitive sophistication through a practice-based activity that requires reading, thinking, and writing; and results in the development of a product, process or service.

Guidebook: This guidebook is designed as a key resource for graduate students who are embarking on a series of courses which comprise the Final Applied Project component of their Master of Arts Program: HIM 6520 - Applied Project Research and Writing, HIM 6522 - Final...
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