Health - Healthy Relationships (Personal Relationships)

Topics: Marriage, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Healthy Relationships (personal relationships)

Everyone is different. No one does one thing the same. We all breathe, walk, talk and work differently. So, what makes someone different? Well identity, health and wellbeing are influenced by an individual’s personal relationships.

What is a personal relationship? A personal relationship is a bond between two or more people. This type of relationship can be different to other relationships, for example, in relationship one you wouldn’t talk about exactly the same thing in relationship two. But what types of relationships are personal relationships. Relationships affect our identity as relationships are the only thing in the world everyone has with one another. A relationship is what every person has every day. With that being said, every action is responsible for corresponding action after the first. For example, you don’t talk to a person one day may affect you as the next day they might not talk to you. This would affect your identity as this is an event happening to you and in future you will remember the event, your emotions and your action towards it. Cohabitation, marriage, separation, divorce, and remarriage - relationship transitions are increasingly common in our society.  But what effect do these transitions have on the health of those involved?  Researchers have found that people who are married tend to have better health, while people who are separated or divorced tend to have poorer health. Do different types of relationships (i.e., cohabitation, marriage, remarriage) affect people’s health in different ways?  Do these effects vary between men and women? A study in the January 2004 found that marriage was more beneficial for women’s mental health and cohabitating was more beneficial for men’s.  The researchers found the following links between partnership transitions and mental health: * Enduring first partnerships were associated with good mental health. * Partnership splits were associated...
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