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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Have you ever felt like you can’t get through the day without doing something? I know that I have felt like that about video games. I feel like the only way I can really have fun is by playing video games on my x-box. I can watch T.V. for hours but I wouldn’t consider that fun. This is how addicts feel, they can do all their favorite activities but they won’t consider the day fun without their drug. Their health (balancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being using high quality behaviors) is being jeopardized because they are addicted to drugs. Addicts have and uncontrollable use of a mind-altering substance or behavior causing physical, spiritual, and mental harm. Physical health; any biological function related to your body systems. Spiritual health is how you feel about yourself and how you feel about yourself and interact with the world around you by using the greater values of mankind. Mental health is related to your mind; your ability to reason, which is being able to clarify, identify, compare and contrast, evaluate and list. All these things make you feel amazing about yourselves but addicts can’t feel good about themselves because they don’t have any balance between their physical, mental, and spiritual health. 100% of the addicts are affected in their physical health. Their physical health is greatly affected because all your body systems are affected. I learned that if you have had more than one serving in an hour your liver will not be able to detoxify the alcohol and it will go into your blood stream until your liver can deal with it. Since the alcohol is in your bloodstream it will go to the brain; because of that you will become tired, dizzy, and vomit because your body needs to physically get rid of the alcohol. I learnt in the “Hijacked Brain” that one lady, who was an alcoholic, jumped out of a high window of a building and because of that she almost died. I find it weird that anybody would do that even after taking drugs; this...
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