Health Effects of Slimming Pills as Perceived by the Selected Users in Quezon City”

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A healthy diet contains the right balance of different foods you need and provides the right amount of energy. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the chemical reactions in the body are carried out. The less exercise you take the less food you need; people who exercise regularly are usually fitter than those who take little exercise. People all over the world want to lose weight and for those who want to get on the weight loss bandwagon there are thousands of different diets and diet pills to choose from. Who wouldn’t be enticed by the wonderful testimonials, fantastic before and after pictures and unbelievable money back guarantees that we are constantly bombarded with in magazines, newspapers, television and the internet. But surely diet pills can't all be as safe as they claim. Those desperate to lose weight quickly and easily often ignore the negatives and side effects of diet pills. Weight loss pills are the new trend in the weight loss programme products. It offers an easy weight management that does not require any rigorous exercise routine or a strict low calorie diet. All the branches of medicine are now competing with each other by introducing new varieties of pills to reduce body weight in an effortless manner. Slimming pills said to help women drop a dress

size. All people around the world especially women are relying on slimming pills in order to attain their ideal body weight. Slimming pills are fat binders, fat blockers and appetite suppressants. These are very attractive if you need a little help with your weight loss goals. We heard many reports of slimmers reaching their target weight with the help of their diet pills or weight loss supplements. We all know that slimming pills is the fastest way to lose weight. Growing reliance on fast food and time-saving technology causes weight problem around the world. Experts have warned that unless urgent action is taken, an entire generation faces an old age blighted by heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other disease brought on by obesity. Slimming pills works by stopping the body from absorbing fat in food. Although many slimmers are pro-diet pills, this does not mean every supplement on the market is safe and effective. Always choose carefully so you can achieve positive weight loss results. But there will be concerns that it will be used as a quick fix to a problem which can also be tackled by diet and exercise.

Statement of the Problem
This research aimed to determine the: “Health Effects of Slimming Pills as perceived by the selected users in Quezon City”. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of the following?

1.1 Gender
1.2 Age
1.3 Civil Status
1.4 Educational Attainment
1.5 Religion
1.6 Socio-economic Status
1.7 Occupation
2. What are the effects of slimming pills to the health of the respondents? 3. What is the rate of effectiveness of the pills to the health of the respondents? 4 What are the safety measures do the respondents need to know while taking slimming pills? 5. Is there a significant trend on the effects of slimming pills, effectiveness, and safety measures of slimming pills among the respondents? 6. How may the findings of this research be utilized to improve the health of slimming pills users? Hypothesis

There is no significant trend on the effects of slimming pills, effectiveness, and safety measures of slimming pills among the respondents.

Significance of the Study

This research is believed to be very significant to the following:

Medical practitioners: Conducting this research will help medical practitioners to have better understanding and good analysis of the effects of slimming pills. This study will show the present situation of individuals who are using slimming pills and the common effects to their body and daily activities.

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