Health: Effects of Jumping Rope

Topics: Sports science, Measurement Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Journal Article Review

Jumping Rope in Physical Education Settings

This article by Susan B. Nye was written to educate all students that jumping rope is an activity that can be fun and enjoyable. The overall layout of this article I thought was well constructed. The article begins with background information about jumping rope and why it is important to incorporate jumping rope in the classroom as well as why it is considered a lifelong physical activity. Then the article shifts toward the basics of jump roping which is laid out in an easy to follow guideline. Moving on, the article shifts to the safety procedure that comes with jumping rope. Then lastly, the article shifts to more advanced jump roping activities that can be played that are fun for all students once each student has shown that they understand the basics and the Ready-Set-Jump protocol. The safety procedure that this article focuses on is described by Susan B. Nye in a three step process called the “Ready-Set-Jump” protocol.

The author did a great job when writing this article so that either a public or private schools can understand and incorporate jumping rope into the classroom. The article states that jumping rope is an inexpensive way to engage students in a lifelong physical activity. After reading that I was shocked to believe that jumping rope was considered a lifelong physical activity. I also did not know that according to this article that depending on the students jumping pace, an individual can burn an estimated 11 calories per minute. Along with burning calories I did not realize that there are different various types of rope: beaded, speed & long handled ropes that were mentioned in this article. The beaded jump ropes are designed for beginning learners because they have a slower rotation rate. They are also better jump ropes for rougher surfaces. Speed jump ropes are inexpensive which can be fit into even the smallest school budgets. The benefits of the...
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