Health Education on Breast Care

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Health Education on Breast Care
A) Breast care during pregnancy.
1. Advice pregnant mothers to clean their nipples everyday with hot water during bath * Do not use soap on nipples as this can cause dryness and cracking. * Especially during the fifth month of pregnancy as a viscous fluid may be excreted through the breast. If not properly washed, it can form a crust and the surrounding skin becomes red. * Gently rinse the colostrums away, a crusted substance on nipples that may be found during last weeks before delivery in preparation for milk production. * Advice mothers to apply mixture of boric acid powder dry with water and gently rubbing with a clean cloth for example oil, vaseline or sesame can be used to soften the nipples. * Do not use any special creams or lotions on nipples, especially during the third trimester. * Advice mother to apply rich chemical free cream or oil based products day and night such as Bio Oil if concerned about stretch marks. 2. Advice pregnant woman to pull or massage the nipple with her thumb and forefinger to facilitate the extraction of nipple for easier child suckling later. * Ensure that the breast is not harm if mothers have long nails. 3. Advice mothers to have a supply of breast pads especially during the final semester as the breast may experience leakage. * Encourage mothers to wear light-colored fabrics instead of dark-colored tops as the wet patches can be obviously seen on dark colored tops. 4. Advice pregnant mothers to use fitting and supporting bra whereby the breasts fit on rib cage snugly but not tightly, and fully enclose breast tissue without compressing it. Avoid underwire bras, as these can compress delicate tissue at the base of breasts, thereby pressing on milk ducts, causing blockages and discomfort. 5. Avoid excessive nipple stimulation during the last trimester as it can cause uterine contractions in some women and jumpstart labor. 6. Encourage mothers to...
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