Health Drink

Topics: Nutrition, Rice, Maize Pages: 3 (431 words) Published: November 10, 2011
“Health and Wellness” Agriculture
for UP Los Banos
Antonio C. Laurena, PhD
Research Professor, Institute of Plant Breeding
Constancio C. de Guzman, PhD
Professor, Crop Science Cluster
College of Agriculture
University of the Philippines Los BanosTopic Outline
Aggie Crops for Health and Wellness
Rice, Corn, Coconut, Sugarcane and Banana
Fruits and Vegetables
Tuber Crops and Seed Legumes
Specialty Crops for Health and Wellness
Pharma Crops and other GM Crops
Source of Natural Products
Summary and Conclusion
Introduction and BackgroundDefinition of Terms
functional foods
phytochemicals and zoochemicals
health supplements
pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics
bioactivesFunctional foods – foods, that by virtue of the
presence of biologically-active components,
provide a health benefit beyond basic
nutrition. (ILSI, North America).
Nutraceutical – any substance that is a food
or a part of a food that provides medical or
health benefits, including the prevention and
treatment of disease.
US Foundation for Innovation in Medicine (1989)
nutrients nutraceutical pharmaceuticalRice, Corn and Coconut Brown rice, rice bran oil and
fermented rice with red yeast
High lysine corn (low glycemic index)
Virgin coconut oil (VCO)
and monolaurinSugarcane and Banana
-- source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)
-- source of the phytoalexin piceatannol
(a stilbene)
-- complex genome (A and B)
-- table bananas and plantains (cooking type)
-- major source of potassium, tryptophan and
-- polyphenols and oligofructansFruits and Vegetables
Papaya as AntiCancer and Health Drink
Bionormalizer and BioEnzyme
Mangosteen as Health Supplements
(with High Citrulline)Bio-Catalyzer
Improved food digestion and
nutrient absorption
Increased egg production in
ducks Fruits and Vegetables
Ampalaya against diabetes
Malunggay –...
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