Health Communication

Topics: Health care, Patient, Health care provider Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Compose a list identifying the major components of health.
2.Personal goals
5.Shared meaning

Who is involved in each component?
When it comes to involved in each component of communication I would say that the health care professionals, friends, family members, coworkers, educations, advertisers, entertainers, public health promoters, and many others. How does each component promote health communication?

When it comes to each component promote something different when it comes to communication. Process is to define communication of others as ongoing efforts to understand one another around the world. Personal goals for the care giver goals there are saving time, preventing burnout, displaying their knowledge. When it comes to the patients their goals are to vent with emotion to be forgiven and reassured or simply to be healed. Interdependence is personal goals, communication ultimately relies on how well people work by coordinate their goals and common understandings. Sensitivity enhances health communication on many levels with listening physicians and listening carefully and looking the patient in the eye and understanding what they are feeling. Shared meaning trading friendly put downs with a friend means you like each other but the same time put downs from someone you barely know might make you angry, Meaning exists in the participants mutual interpretation of it is shared. Implications communication then is an ongoing process of sharing and creating meaning that trust is the key and that it is important to have everything in perspective has something to do with implications for the study of health communication. If not utilized, how would it reduce health communication?

Without communication caregivers cannot hear patients, concerns, make diagnoses, share their thoughts or recommendations, or follow ups on treatments or outcomes. Without health communication there would...
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