Health Care Utilization Paper

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Health Care Utilization

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October 8, 2012
Katherine Smith, MSN, RN

Health Care Utilization

Factors affecting John Q’s health care utilization:
Men’s health has been an ongoing discussion for many years now. There have been discussions regarding the lack of men making, or keeping appointments with their physician, also acquiring a physician before receiving a diagnosis that will leave life changing results as well as seeking health care. Men have been known to refuse simply refuse to visit a doctor unless he is feverish and lying on his sick bed. Responses, such as the situation will take care of itself, or the hours worked will not allow him to see a doctor right now, and another response is he will go when it is necessary always has been a valid excuse, in his opinion. By the time an appointment’s he is worse than he would have been if, he went early before any symptoms occurred, or at the early onset of any indications. Research shows that the life expectancy of men as compared to women is five years if comparing to life at birth, and three years difference if the comparison is when both genders are 65-years-old. Women are known to seek health care and remain consistent as long as she lives. According to Pinkhasov, Wong, Kashanian, Lee, Samadi, Pinkhasov, and Shabsigh (2010) “Research spanning several decades show that in comparison with women, men use less physician services, and use less long-term care over their shorter life span than women. In addition, men are less likely to seek preventive health care measures than women.” (p. 481.). Therefore, these areas that deal with long-term care and preventive health care are elements that can be enabling or mutable factors. Drug use can, smoking habits can, and drinking alcohol in excess can also be also change. The lack of seeking a health...
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