Health Care Utilization Canada

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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The foundation of health care involves primary healthcare providing services through a team of health professionals. It could be through a doctor, a nurse, or perhaps through a computer services. It does involve a proactive approach to prevent health problems, ensure better management and follow-ups regarding the health problem occurred. The majority of the Canadian hospitals are run by the community boards of trustees, voluntary organizations or municipalities. However, the health care programs in Canada are alienated among the federal and provincial government. Health services, Medical services and Protection of health are three major branches that lay under the federal government. They serve the healthcare system with technical and financial support and are also responsible for public health services, occupational health services, emergency services, disability assessment and safety for the Canadian residents. Health care by the provincial government can be classified into primary healthcare where it’s the first contact between the doctor and the patient, secondary healthcare where the issue is taken to a specialist and tertiary healthcare which is usually at university teaching hospitals. They fund majority of the Canadian hospital. In some cases, the fee has been paid per day for the treatment and in some; the fee is paid per each case or on individual expenditure. The distribution of Resources on health care system depends on the resource availability such as the availability of equipments, availability of rooms within hospitals, availability of bed per person, availability of health professionals etc... They are also categorized on the basis of age, sex, income, marital status and also health insurances. “Sometimes it just costs more...
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