Health Care Resources Questionnaire

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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University of Phoenix Material

Health Care Resources Questionnaire

Answer each question based on your personal experiences as a consumer receiving health care services or as a professional providing service. The questions are related to real-life experiences in which health care services are received or provided, to the consumer’s satisfaction with those services, to changes you have seen or experienced over time, or to insurance coverage benefits, you have or provide. Be prepared to discuss your completed questionnaire in Week One.

1. How can you locate health care resources? What health care resources are you familiar with? How did you locate information on those resources?

I can locate health care resources by looking up the websites by reliable. The sites that I feel is reliable would be any site ending with gov. (government), and org. (organization) sites. The resources that I am familiar with are 24-hour nurse hotline, and the insurance website that also provide me with the information that I need. I found these resources on my health care card and information package that they sent to me.

2. Are you currently employed in a health care setting? If not, explain your interest in providing care or resources in the future. No, I am not employed in any kind of health care facility. My interest in providing care or resources in the future came from when I was working in a VA (Veterans Administration) Facility. Months after my brother asked me whenever he gets home from Iraq would I help manage the facility? That is the reason why I am taking up the health care classes.

3. Do you feel you have sufficient access to services as a consumer or provider? Explain your response. Yes, I do feel that I have sufficient access to the services as a consumer. If I feel that I need to be updated on any kind of health resources, I can go to the hospital or to my doctor’s office to get it. If I am not able to go to those places, I can log...
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