Health Care Reform Trade Off

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Economics Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Health Care Reform Trade-Off

The focus of the article is the mandate that every American has a form of health insurance coverage. ”One of the most popular provision of federal health care reform hinges on the most provisions. One requires health insurers to cover people with pre-existing health problems. The other requires almost everyone to buy health insurance or pay a fine.” The connection is one example of the trade offs in health care reform and Americans conflicting views on them. Health coverage is a very difficult issue because of the high demand of insurance, the President mandate that everyone in the country has some type of coverage and company willing to lay off employees to cut the insurance cost.

The article depicts that with the rising cost of insurance that more companies are not willing to coverage employees and their families. The more that employees pick up their insurance options on their jobs the more employers will have to pay. The rising cost of insurance is causing smaller companies to cut off their insurance plans from the employees which is forcing more employees to go without insurance or find their own private insurance but at a higher rate than what they would pay with their company. The employee that decide not to go with any insurance can always see a doctor or get a prescription but the rate is extremely expense for the individual to pay what is called out of pocket expense. The more cost that employees have to pay for insurance the less that the employee spends on things such as food and clothing and activity expense which goes back into the economy to help the market grow into a flourishing economy.

The positive issue is with the cost that insurance companies are charging for coverage, the fewer consumers are willing to have coverage. The decision that the consumer has to make between insurance and other matter of life such as bills, food and other enmities of their lives is making having insurance a...
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