Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Revised

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft
Grand Canyon University
Foundations of Spirituality in Health Care
October 06, 2012

In this paper the author will explain what is faith and religion, and compare the philosophy of Sikh, Buddhism, and Jewish religions with that Christian and the author’s religion, include spiritual perspective and elements of healing, how necessary is to permit patient to practice their religious beliefs and rituals, and last, describe how this information could be incorporated into the daily health care professionals routine.

Health Care Provider & Faith Diversity: First Draft
The word faith has different meanings; it depends who defines the term. According to the Cambridge dictionaries online faith is “a high degree of trust or confidence in something or someone”. Another definition that is in the bible is “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11, 1). For most people faith comes with religion. According to Jarvis the author of Physical Examination & Health Assessment e- book (2012) religion refers to an organized system of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially belief in or the worship of God or gods. Health care workers need to gain knowledge regarding the acceptance of different faith expressions and different religions to provide quality cultural and holistic care. In this paper the author will encapsulate results and compare and contrast the different belief systems of three religions Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish with that of the Christian religion and the author’s view, also will incorporate the spiritual perspective and elements of healing, the major values to people of a different faith when attended for by health care professional whose spiritual beliefs are not the same as the author’s beliefs, and last, describe how this knowledge could be incorporated to a health care provider daily work experience.

First of all, Sikh is one of largest faith religions being number five in the world with over 20 million believers that emphasized in mankind equality, no tolerance for violence, and acceptance for other faiths. According to the BBC news “Sikhism was founded in the Punjab by Guru Nanak in the 15th Century” Sikhism requires worshiping with complete sincerity and simplicity. For the Sikh religion, God or “Sat Nam” has no appearance or body but His mercy could be implored by faith and living a truthful life. Sikhs normally do prayer kneeling down as Catholics or Christians do. Prayer or meditation, known as naam jap or naam simran, is typically performed while sitting comfortably on the floor with their legs crossed. Prayer is an essential part of Sikhism with meditation on God is what they believe is the medicine to cure millions of illnesses during times of sickness and disease. Health care professionals should provide the Sikh patient with of the same sex practitioner if it is possible. No beef or pork is allowed but if the Sikhs have to eat meat it has to be "Halal" that is killed according to Sikh ritual that is neither sacrificing the animal to please God. The Sikh’s have different ceremonies for many occasions where they give thanks and pray and also they have rituals early in the morning, where they bathe, and say their prayers. The Sikh believes on God and the Christians believe in the God’s son too that is Jesus Christ. Both religions pray for people to be healed.

Secondly, according to BBC religions Buddhism” is 2,500 years old and there are currently 376 million followers worldwide. Buddhist patients might request that their room in the hospital to be quiet and peace during crises. They are modest and might require a health care professional from the same sex as the patient. Mainly all Buddhists are vegetarian. Buddhist when in the hospital might require the use of non-pharmacological pain mediation because...
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