Health Care Management Error

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Health Care Management Error

Health Care Management Error

Jessie A. Hartman

Ashford University


On page 80 of our text book Health Organizations: Theory, Behavior and Development by James A. Johnson, is a bulleted list that contains possible Health Care errors that can have a negative effect on the organization. From my readings for week one I will describe why each of them may be considered an error and then finally I will explain how I might avoid these errors which is from my readings for this week (week one). It will also contain a minimum of three scholarly references.

Health Care Management Error

Failing to account for employees’ ability to learn safe machine operation methods by experimenting on their own with ways to speed up production and thereby reduce the effort they required to use. The problem here is that the manager failed to pay attention to what was happening which would be called “controlling and observing” according to our text book Health Organization’s: Theory, Behavior, & Devlopment. James A. Johnson I think controlling was best described as “is like a checkup to make sure what needs to be done is done.” Principles of long-term health care administration By Peter J. Buttaro, Emily L. H. Buttaro

Putting all employees through the same orientation program is an error of emergence. This is science complexity. According to an article I read at Annals of family medicine “Emergence cannot be tracked back to a particular cause. For example interactions between patients and physicians have emergent properties that are not determined by the patient or the doctor, but develop through their interchange.”

Furthermore by putting in all employees can cause a conflict due to their potion in the health care in the organization. Not everyone has the same position and there for it would have...
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