Health Care Is Important

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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A prime minister is the head of the cabinet and also the chief executive of a parliamentary democracy. When I become the Prime Minister of The Bahamas I will put Bahamians first! I will make changes for the better; for the Bahamas as a country, Bahamians as its citizens and foreigners as tourists in every way possible. I will convert dreams into reality and my actions will speak louder than my words. For too long this country has been led by “dream sellers” and hypocrites. The day I become the Right Honorable Prime Minister, I will make a difference. In putting Bahamians first I must put their health first; the first thing I plan to do is to place proper healthcare facilities on every Island of the Bahamas, as there is no doubt that the wealth of a nation is decided by the health of a nation. I will allocate the largest amount of dollars to health care in my very first budget. Out of all of the developed Islands of The Bahamas, only two Islands (Grand Bahama and New Providence) have major hospitals. As the Prime Minister of The Bahamas I will ensure that every Island has adequate equipment, supplies and manpower (nurses and doctors) but more importantly, the Family Islands. In 2011 Health Minister Huber Minnis stated, “Finding qualified Bahamian personnel to staff community clinics in the Family Islands remain a challenge for the Ministry of Health”. (Russell, 2011). According to the minister, the clinics on those Islands are being utilized, but there may be a need for more physicians there. More than 80% of the physicians on the Family Islands are non- Bahamian. As the prime minister I will spend a large amount of money educating Bahamian individual in the medical field and have them sign contracts/bonds that will ensure that upon completion they will work on Family Islands. As the leader of my country I will encourage young Bahamians to go into the medical/ health care field by giving full scholarships to all who meet the requirement; stressing the importance...
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