Health Care Interview Paper

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  • Published: October 3, 2012
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Health Care Interview Paper|
Week 3|


I have Interview 3 separate individuals representing three generations my parents, my mother in-law, and my husband. First, Health care has various elements. The three main dimensions of healthcare include outpatient care, which deals with medical treatment that does not require hospitalization, inpatient care, which implies hospitalization, intensive care and monitoring, and long term care, which provide to people who need help on a regular basis with their daily activities and medical condition, but do not need the intensive and advanced care that characterizes inpatient care. A study of the role of inpatient care, its contribution to the overall health care process, and its transitional role, helps demonstrate not only the importance of inpatient care, but the inherent connections and interdependence between each of the dimensions that together comprise integral health care. In the interview with my mother I discovered that their health care coverage is provided by Tricare Prime (C.M. Hawley, telephone interview, September 21, 2012). This is a coverage that is provided for retired military service members who have served their time. The fee that they must pay in order to receive this coverage is $460.00 a year. Even though this is a small amount that is being paid in comparison to the general public, this coverage was promised to my father free of charge for the rest of his life and his spouses when he enrolled in the Army. This was the major complaint of the coverage they have. The coverage is available for them across the whole USA and available in select areas around the world. Patients usually visit providers on a military instillation with no fees, but on occasion they are able to see a civilian physician for a fee of $12.00. Lastly the praises that were made over the coverage was that Tricare always notified the patient of upcoming appointments that needed to be...
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