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Topics: Asthma, Medicine, Allergy Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Asthma is most common in children it begins at infancy and continues to adulthood. Approximate 40,000 Americans miss school or work. This is costing the United States economies about $56 billion a year. Research companies are coming up with 74 new medicines to treat or present asthma. By producing new medicines it will help reduce the cost of asthma. Asthmas are often described with symptoms of a cough which can be worse at night. Wheezing is a noise heard in the airways this is most common in children who live in urban areas. They may be exposed to the most dangerously cock roach antigens, dust mites or pet danger. The high risk for the children had more hospitalizations unscheduled medical visits. Patients can face multiple barriers to care such as lack of routine pediatrician visits and have no access to asthma specialty care.

The benefits patient’s especially preschool children there are a Head Start program in Baltimore Maryland, where all the children in the program can receive services through a pediatric asthma clinic while also learning and educating themselves from asthma educators. The mobile clinic offers asthma examination and prescriptions along with parent education about the disease. The asthma educator does a home visit where he or she explains how the program works and how the parents can learn to communicate with the pediatrician another option would be to offer the family to accompany them to their physician’s office.

Each year Breath mobile sends forms home with for parents interested in a visit. The parents fill out the form and have the child bring it back to school the next day. Next the assessment where each child gets a form and the screening comes back with presence symptomatic asthma. The staff reaches out to them to schedule a visit during school hours where both child and parent need to attend.

A team of pediatric allergist or pulmonologist comes in with a NP, RN, where the examination takes place with each child....
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