Health Care in the Philippines

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Healthcare in the Philippines


Officially called the Republic of the Philippines, this island nation is situated in Southeast Asia. Its capital is Manila and it has more than seven thousand islands, making it the world’s twelfth most populous country.

Overview of Healthcare

Although there have been recorded cases of drug dependency and malnutrition in the Philippines, the healthcare system can still be considered to be of a good standard. This is despite the fact that the facilities may not be as impressive as those found in high-end US or European hospitals. The top Philippine hospitals include the Medical Centre in Alabang, the Asian Hospital, the Makati Medical Centre, the Medical City in Ortigas, and St. Lukes Medical Centre in Quezon City.

Medical practitioners in the Philippines are graduates from the top universities in the country and most of them have studied in US medical schools. Additionally, there are doctors that have practiced medicine in the US before sharing their expertise in the Philippines. Filipino nurses are also trained by nursing schools that have excellent standards. In fact, a large percentage of Filipino nurses go on to work in the US. If you are looking for a dentist or a doctor, it is advisable to seek the opinions of other expatriates that have been in the Philippines for a number of years. 


Finding the right hospital in the Philippines is not considered too difficult as there are a number of options to choose from. The Philippines has both private and public healthcare institutions. Most of the government hospitals provide quality healthcare in the same way private hospitals do.

Although some people may have misconceptions, most of them are unfounded. The main difference between public and private hospitals are the facilities and technologies offered. Most of the public hospitals would not be equipped to the same standard as the private ones. However, some of the best...
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