Health Care in Mexico

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  • Published : January 15, 2007
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Health Care in Mexico is administered by hospitals run by the government of Mexico or free clinics. There are a large number of qualified physicians within the country of Mexico, the majority of which charge very reasonable office fees. Doctors in Mexico received at least part of their training in the U.S and many continue their education and training in the U.S and Europe. Most people coming from a country where they have a reputation of having some of the best hospitals could be completely scared of having to be a patient in a hospital in Mexico because of the lack of sanitary conditions. However Mexico has excellent hospitals that provide excellent care. Every mid-size to large city in Mexico has at least one first-rate hospital. Also the healthcare in Mexico is relatively cheaper. Prices vary by condition, hospital, and physician but a trip to a doctor's office costs about $25 (250-300 pesos) and an overnight stay in a private hospital room costs $35 (200 pesos).

Mexico offers foreigners the opportunity to sign up for the national health care program IMSS. In most major cities one can various levels of IMSS services such as small clinics with a general practitioner to handle minor illnesses and injuries, small hospitals with surgeons, internists and pediatricians, and large intensive care facilities which house specialists. Most private physicians service both a private clinic and the IMSS clinics but, at the IMSS clinics you will not have a choice of physicians. Once covered by IMSS insurance, it is recommended that you have your private physician in Mexico recommend you to the IMSS clinic or Hospital for further treatment when necessary as they will refer you to the best local expert available and make the necessary appointments for you.

As a rising country, Mexico faces a variety of challenges such as inadequate resources, lack of sufficient nutrition, and an assortment of other factors that impose on the health of its people. Diseases that are...
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